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This Week Activities

Tuesday, October 3

Ladies Bible Study, 9:00am

Wednesday, October 4

Meal: 6:00pm

Children: 6:45pm

Ladies Bible Study: 6:45pm

Adult Bible Study: 7:00pm

Men’s Service Project: 7:00pm

Youth Group: 7:15pm

Board Meeting: 8:15pm


Special Speaker

Reverend Olbin and Pastor Alshandra Visagie from Cactus Nazarene Ministries in Cactus, TX will be sharing with us during Morning Worship on October 1. Note: there will be no Children’s Church - Children will be joining us during the service.  Saturday, September 30 at 6:00pm, come and meet the Cactus Nazarene Pastors at the church with a potluck.

We will be taking a Love Offering for Cactus Nazarene Ministries. Please have all donations made by Sunday, October 15.

G2 - Groups Gathering

Mark your calendars for the first G2! Sunday, October 1 at 5:30pm all small groups will meet at the church in the sanctuary.  We will sing, hear from our children, have testimonies and a pot luck after the service!
Taking requests...if you have a favorite song you would like to hear sang, put it on a piece of paper and place it in one the tithe boxes.

Church Board Members

There will be a Church Board Meeting on Wednesday, October 4 at 8:15pm.


Save the Date

Ladies Pumpkin Night with Country Girl Flowers on October 21. Be watching for more details.


Together, we can collectively impact the lives of countless children and families in crisis.  CarePortal connects children in need with people who want to help. Get involved by texting CARE to (855) 755-0541.

CimNaz Messaging

Sign up for our texting service! Click here for steps on how to sign up. 

Tithes & Offerings - 4 ways to give!

Drop boxes at the rear of the Sanctuary at the church

Drop slot located in the hallway at the church

Online/App using Tithely

Mail to PO Box 667 – Cimarron, KS  67835

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